ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT - Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances handle emergencies and also transport critical patients from hospitals-to-hospital for a higher level of care.  Our ALS ambulances are staffed with a Paramedic and an Emergency Medical Technician.  The Paramedics at E.A.S.T. Ambulance are ACLS certified, and carry PALS or PEPP certifications.  Our ALS Ambulances meet and exceed the requirements of the Ohio Medical Transportation Board and carry 12 Lead Cardiac Monitors, Intravenous Infusion Pumps, Ventilators, and an array of Ohio Pharmacy Licensed Drugs.



BASIC LIFE SUPPORT - Staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians.  Our Basic Life Support Ambulances transport patients to scheduled medical appointments.  These ambulances meet and exceed the requirements from the Ohio Medical Transportation Board, have oxygen on board, and carry AED''s, glucometers, and pulse oximetry monitors.


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